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Conceptual design of expressway S19 - Via Carpatia
GDDKiA in Rzeszów

The investment project is comprised of:

  • Development of a map for design purposes,
  • Comprehensive geological reconnaissance, including implementation of geophysical surveys using seismic method and electro-resistance tomography,
  • Monitoring of landslide areas by making inclinometer columns and piezometers,
  • Traffic analysis and forecast along with traffic count,
  • Development of design documentation at the concept stage according to the plan, including construction of an express road at the length of about 33.10 km along with reconstruction of local and service roads, construction of three junctions (junction Iskrzynia, junction Miejsce Piastowe and junction Dukla), scheduled construction of Rest and Service Areas (type 2 and type 3), construction of approximately 64 structures (bridges, viaducts, flyovers), reconstruction of the existing technical infrastructure (gas, sewage, water supply, electricity and communication engineering networks).


10 49.65570722199113,21.82693324385002 roadmap

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