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Construction of expressway S19 Part no. 3 – Kraśnik Północ – Kraśnik Południe

The investment project is comprised of:

  • construction of a section of the expressway, approx. 10 km long,
  • construction of road junctions: “Kraśnik Północ” and “Kraśnik Południe”,
  • construction of the Rest and Service Area (RSA): “Słodków”,
  • construction of the Road Maintenance Section (RMS) with the administration and amenity building and auxiliary buildings,
  • reconstruction of the existing roads within the collisions with the expressway,
  • construction of access roads and service lanes,
  • reconstruction of the existing and alternatively construction of new bus bays as well as construction or reconstruction of the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists,
  • renovation of sections of the existing national road no. 19 with the total length of approx. 8.74 km,
  • construction of engineering structures along the expressway as well as the roads intersecting with the expressway,
  • construction of drainage system: road ditches, storm water drainage system, pre-treatment installations, reservoirs and other,
  • construction of environmental protection equipment: acoustic protection, animal passageways, anti-glare screens, ecological culverts with protecting and guiding fencing, greenery,
  • construction and reconstruction of technical infrastructure located along the expressway: power grid and lighting systems, water supply networks, sanitary sewage cleaning systems and equipment, storm water drainage system with the pre-treatment equipment and other,
  • construction of signing and marking of the expressway and side roads in the Traffic Road Safety equipment: among others, safety barriers, anti-glare screens and fencing of the expressway.


11 50.9010412094563,22.248001536132847 roadmap

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