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Expressway S3 - task 3

The investment project is comprised of:

  • construction of a section of expressway S3 from km 38+255.00 to km 54+338.22 (it corresponds to km 54+316.50),
  • construction of a 2300 m long tunnel TS26 along the expressway,
  • construction of a 320 m long tunnel TS32 along the expressway,
  • construction of the parking and rest area "Jaczków",
  • reconstruction of transverse roads crossed by the expressway route,
  • construction of engineering structures including flyovers and bridges along the expressway and along the transverse roads under reconstruction,
  • construction of access roads and internal roads on the traffic lane of the expressway to provide access to the area adjacent to it and to provide access for equipment connected with the operation of the expressway,
  • construction of a drainage system for the expressway and transverse roads,
  • construction of pavements, pedestrian and bicycle routes, exit roads, etc.
  • construction of facilities for subtreatment of rainwater and meltwater coming from the traffic lane,
  • construction of traffic arrangement and road safety elements,
  • construction of a road fencing,
  • reconstruction of facilities for basic and specific drainage, including construction of reinforced concrete culverts along the drainage ditches and watercourses under reconstruction,
  • construction of noise barriers,
  • construction of crossings for animals and passages for amphibians,
  • construction of roadside lighting,
  • reconstruction of existing ground and underground technical infrastructure, construction of new technical infrastructure connected with the expressway

Multimedia Presentation - II Tunnel Conference - Wrocław 2019


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