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Expressway S3 - task 4
Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A.

The investment project is comprised of:

  • Construction of a 11.3 km section of the expressway with the section of 2 x 2 traffic lanes;
  • construction of 2 joints: “Lubin Zachód” and “Lubin Południe”;
  • Reconstruction of existing road networks;
  • Construction of internal roads;
  • Reinforcing the subsoil in order to obtain appropriate conditions for the foundation of roads and engineering structures and to provide stability of scarps;
  • Construction of 2 flyovers along the expressway with the target section of two carriageways with 3 traffic lanes each, maximum 56 m long;
  • Construction of 3 crossings for animals and providing a watercourse under the expressway;
  • Construction of 3 passages for access roads under the expressway (with 1 of them serving also as a crossing for animals);
  • Construction of a flyover above the expressway along the local road;
  • Construction of hydro-ecological passes under the road crown and exit roads;
  • Construction of a drainage system for the embankment of the expressway and other roads;
  • Reconstruction of drainage systems, treatment and making the existing drainage facilities and collectors passable in order to make sure that water is discharged from the road lane effectively;
  • Construction of the environment preservation facilities such as: isolating green belts, noise barriers and anti-glare screens, ecological passages/crossings along with protective guiding system, guiding greenery, stormwater discharge system, treatment facilities (clarifier tanks, separators, intercepting chambers with a grit chamber);
  • Construction of utilities and reconstruction of utilities colliding with the planned road;


9 51.35428851110096,16.21719404101566 roadmap

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