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Expressway S6 - Ustronie Morskie - Koszalin
Strabag Infrastruktura Południe Sp. z o.o.

The investment project is comprised of:

  • construction of a 24.2 km long section of the expressway;
  • construction of joints: Borkowice and Dobre;
  • reconstruction of existing roads to prevent colliding with the expressway;
  • construction of access roads;
  • construction of engineering structures along the expressway and along the roads crossing the expressway;
  • construction of a drainage system: roadside ditches, stormwater drainage system; sub-treatment facilities, flood reservoirs and other;
  • construction of the environment preservation facilities: noise protection measures, crossings for animals, anti-glare screens, ecological passages with protective guiding fencing, greenery;
  • construction and reconstruction of technical infrastructure located along the expressway: power systems for power supply and lighting, water supply systems, treatment systems and facilities for sanitary sewage, stormwater drainage system along with sub-treatment facilities and other;
  • construction of Road Traffic Safety facilities for the expressway and minor roads such as: crash barriers, anti-glare screens and expressway fencing;


10 54.235136633229445,15.959357982279812 roadmap

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