Implementation of the Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 and 27001 in IVIA S.A.


We are happy to announce that in August 2018 our company received a certificate of implementation of the Integrated Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-EN ISO 27001:2014.

In order to increase the quality of our services and protect information and data entrusted to us, as well as caring for the comfort and interest of the clients through promptness and error elimination, we hope that owing to this implementation we will achieve the intended effect.

By treating our present and future clients as well as the team of employees with respect, we strive to ensure that our actions comply with the law, which will be confirmed by appropriate certificates.

The ISO Integrated Quality System will ensure to both our current and future business partners satisfaction from the service, product quality and eliminate the risk related to unauthorised use of data. The employees, on the other hand, will feel the orderly management method, clear rules set out in the procedures as well as technical and organisational security.

External benefits:
- improving the image of IVIA by guaranteeing the introduction of flow safety and information retention,
- increasing the reliability of IVIA in the domestic market as well as on foreign markets,
- improving communication between our clients and IVIA,
- increasing the competitiveness of IVIA in the market,
- increasing the protection of information and data entrusted to IVIA,
- facilitating contact with the IVIA environment: with banks, state institutions, competition, cooperators in the domestic market as well as in foreign markets.

Internal benefits:
- increasing the involvement of IVIA employees in performing the duties delegated at all levels of the company,
- systematising the basic areas of IVIA’s activities, primarily such as sales, production, planning,
- improving the decision system and information flow in IVIA,
- reducing operating costs through efficient process management in IVIA,
- increasing work efficiency in IVIA,
- establishing clear and transparent rights and obligations of organisational units in IVIA,
- identifying threats and their consequences, possibility of risk management in IVIA,
- identifying needs of individual organisational units in IVIA,
- increasing the effectiveness of achieving the objectives of IVIA,
- motivating to improve the functioning of the organisation in IVIA,
- developing the culture of quality and effective internal communication in IVIA.