National Union of Designers and Engineers

National Union of Designers and Engineers

Together with other engineering companies, IVIA SA has established a professional association called the National Union of Designers and Engineers (ZOPI, Związek Ogólnopolski Projektantów i Inżynierów). The main purpose of the association, constituted on February 25, 2020, is to protect the interests of entities that focus their business activity on design and engineering.

Recently, the projects executed according to the “design and construct” model have posed ever greater demands on design companies in terms of their responsibility for the entire project while striving for continuous optimisation of design solutions, which involves implementation of several projects simultaneously. The role of the designer as an independent function in the construction industry is being increasingly challenged.

In the face of the epidemiological threat, ZOPI is staying in touch with GDDKiA and PKP Intercity to present our suggestions for necessary actions.

If you share our opinion expressed in these postulates, we invite you to join us.

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