S19 Rudnik nad Sanem – Nisko Południe – Entry into a contract between GDDKiA and Strabag Sp. z o.o.


Please be informed that on 18 June 2018, GDDKiA Branch in Rzeszów entered into a contract with the Contractor Strabag Sp. z o. o. and Strabag Infrastruktura Południe Sp. z o.o. for the implementation of the project entitled: “Design and construction of expressway S19 in the section from the "Lasy Janowskie" junction to the "Nisko Południe" junction divided into three tasks: Task "C" from the "Rudnik nad Sanem" junction (including the junction) to "Nisko Południe" junction (including the junction), about 6 km long".

Task "C" Rudnik nad Sanem – Nisko Południe with a length of approx. 6 km Contractor: Strabag Sp. z o. o. and Strabag Infrastruktura Południe Sp. z o. o. Designer: IVIA S.A. Value: PLN 196,337,975.77 Completion period: 34 months

Description of the project process: The section of expressway S19 in question starts from the "Rudnik nad Sanem" junction at the intersection with DK77 and the Stalowa Wola and Niska bypass. Then, the route approaches again broad-gauge railway line LK65, running parallel to it, and then at the "Nisko Południe" junction crosses the existing national road No. 19 and a kilometre further along railway line LK65.

Engineering structures: - viaducts (including passages for large and medium-size animals below): 6 - culverts (including those combined with animal passages): 6

Junctions: The construction of two road junctions along with the necessary transfer/reconstruction of roads arriving at the junction is planned in the section of road: - "Rudnik nad Sanem" junction, WB-type junction – "Diamonds" with two roundabouts - "Nisko Południe" junction, WB-type junction – half-clover junction