We are proud to announce that on 6 November 2018, IVIA S.A. entered into a contract with the Contractor PORR S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw and PORR BAU GmbH with its registered office in Vienna for the design works for the following project entitled: “Design and construction of the S3 Legnica road (A4) – Lubawka, task III from the Bolków junction (excluding the junction) to the Kamienna junction Góra Północ (excluding the junction), about 16.1 km long". The Contracting Authority is GDDKiA Branch in Wrocław.

Short summary. Expressway S3 is part of the postulated pan-European corridor – Central European Corridor (CEC). This road will lead not only to the border crossing with the Czech Republic in Lubawka, but primarily will be the main north-south transport axis of the entire "western wall" of Poland.

The planned project is located in the Lower Silesian Voivodship, the Jawor, Wałbrzych and Kamienna Góra poviats, in the Bolków, Stare Bogaczowice, Czarny Bór, Marciszów and Kamienna Góra communes.

The approximately 16 km long route of the S3 fragment was designated, among others, via the range of Wałbrzyskie Mountains, under which two tunnels will be constructed. The first one, about 2300 m long, will be the longest non-urban road tunnel in Poland. The second, in turn, will be about 320 m long. Four long flyovers will also be designed, of which at least two will be made by a sliding method. In addition to the flyovers, the project includes 3 viaducts and 1 bridge along the expressway and 4 viaducts over it, 1 access road and 18 passes for animals and amphibians.

IVIA S.A. uses every effort to make this design the best one in Poland!