Corporate Sport League matches at halfway point


The IVIA team participating in the CSL matches is halfway through the season. This is the 3rd season with the participation of our team. IVIA plays its matches on the side pitch of the Silesian Stadium and at Harcerska street in Chorzów. With experience from the previous seasons, the team is doing much better in the current competition. In its previous matches, it has accumulated 12 points, which places it in the 4th location. The teams scoring is 4 wins and 2 defeats. Only the Prestige and Butter Cut teams found their way to the well-fit IVIA team.

The players in our team present a very offensive style of the game. In the previous 6 games they have scored 25 goals, which makes our team top in this respect. The best scorer of the team is, just like in the previous seasons, Mariusz Rolka, who scored 8 hits. You are more than welcome to support our team during next matches!