Never too many about tunnels - Tunnel Forum in Wrocław


As a partner of January Tunnel Forum in Wrocław, we invite you to watch the video coverage of this event. During IVIA S.A. presentation delivered by Maciej Fidyk (Marketing Director), we presented our “Guidelines and requirements for tunnel design in Poland and other EU countries based on the experience gained during the implementation of the TS-26 tunnel project in the route of S3 express road”. We would like to thank the organisers, Lidia Markowska (Director from GDDKiA in Wrocław) and Zbigniew Kotlark (Chairman of the Polish Road Congress) and all the participants. We would also like to extend our special thanks to Prof. Janusz Bohatkiewicz, Prof. Arnold Dix (PIARC), Michael Proprentner (Managing Director, iC Consulenten ZT GmbH) and Mariusz Mierzwa (PORR S.A. Contract Director).

II Multimedia Presentation - Wrocław 2019