Noble Gift 2018

Szlachetna paczka

This year, our company once again took part in the Noble Gift campaign. We would like to thank everyone who supported a needy family. Almost all employees of the company eagerly took part in the campaign, thanks to which we were able to cater for all the needs families asked for, both the important ones, such as food, household chemicals or bedding, and those that were special gifts for all family members. A lot of things were collected – sheets, blankets, clothes, pillows, quilts, food, pots, school supplies, toys and many more, a total of 40 cartons and packages.

The Management Board of the Company was also very involved in financing the most expensive need – a dual-function gas furnace which provided one of the families with heat and hot water at home. The parcels were delivered in person by the organisers of the campaign along with the volunteers who wrote a brief report on this visit:

After arriving at the family home, Magdalena was waiting for us by the window and it was hard for her to believe how many packages we brought. The children were very happy when each of them found a package signed with their names. After opening the parcels, they could not believe that they had received their dream gifts of which they had dreamed so much. Magdalena and her husband were very happy when they saw how much clothes and food they received. Everyone got emotional. Weronika along with Kinga were most delighted with their new bed, which they waited for so long. Błażej, as soon as he found his desired toy cars, showed them to everybody. Marysia immediately started "taking care" over her doll, which needs to be looked after. We also had a small fashion show because there was a great fitting of clothes and footwear.