PKP (Polish State Railways) has completed works in the Bielsko-Biała Lipnik – Wilkowice Bystra section


We are pleased to announce that PKP PLK has completed works in the first section of the revitalised line 139 of the Bielsko-Biała Lipnik – Wilkowice Bystra section. The reconstruction of the railway line in this section was carried out according to IVIA S.A.’s design. The contractor of the works was INTOP Warszawa Sp. z o. o. – as the leader – together with the partner – Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowo-Budowlane TOR Sp. z o. o.

As part of the revitalisation of the Bielsko-Biała Lipnik – Wilkowice Bystra section, the works were carried out aiming at increasing safety and facilitating travelling, thus improving the comfort of passengers. Among other things, the platforms were rebuilt and raised, new sheds, benches and information cabinets were installed, platform lighting, access roads, rail and road crossings were installed and 11 rail and road crossings were equipped with monitoring and clear signposts of stations and stops were placed. The replacement of tracks will increase the speed of passenger trains from 50-70 km/h to even 120 km/h. Freight trains will travel at speeds up to 100 km/h.

In addition, in Bielsko-Biała Leszczyny, along the passageway, gates and traffic lights were installed. The road surface and railway traffic control devices have also been replaced. Crossings in Bielsko-Biała Leszczyny, Mikuszowice and Wilkowice Bystra are additionally equipped with automatic crossing signalling devices. The works also included a traction network and 29 engineering structures. The efficient traffic of trains is to be provided by new cross-overs equipped with electric heating devices.

IVIA wishes all the passengers a pleasant journey in the section of the railway line we have designed!