Programme concept of the Piaski – Hrebenne S17 expressway


In recent days, we have received confirmation that the bid submitted by IVIA S.A. was selected as the best:

Programme Concept (PC) covering four implementation sections with a total length of approx. 54.2 km, i.e.:

section no. 6:
"Zamość Wschód" junction including the junction – "Zamość Południe" junction including the junction, approx. 12.2 km long

section no. 7:
"Zamość Południe" junction ("Łabuńki") excluding the junction – Tomaszów Lubelski (beginning of the bypass), about 18.0 km long

section no. 8:
Tomaszów Lubelski bypass (Stage 2) – extension of the second carriage way in sections with a total length of approx. 6.7 km

section no. 9:
Tomaszów Lubelski (end of the bypass) – Hrebenne (beginning of the bypass), approximately 17.3 km long