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Construction of expressway S61 – Via Baltica

The investment project is comprised of:

  • construction of two S61 expressway roadways – from km 0+000 to km 16+998.92,
  • construction of 1 WB-type road junction – "Śniadowo" junction in km approx. 1 +232,
  • construction of rest and service areas (RSA Chomentowo Wschód cat. 2, km approx. 11+500 – eastern side and RSA Chomentowo Zachód cat. 3, km approx. 11 +200 – western side),
  • reconstruction of sections of the existing voivodship, poviat and municipal roads,
  • construction of service (access) roads and exits to the existing plots,
  • construction of pathways along the reconstructed roads,
  • construction of drainage system elements (ditches, culverts, sewers, drains),
  • construction of traffic safety devices,
  • construction of S61expressway fencing,
  • construction of 14 engineering structures, including: 11 structures along the expressway (inducing 6 serving as ecological structures), 3 structures above the expressway,
  • construction of road drainage system in the form of storm water drainage system with cleaning equipment,
  • construction of reservoirs,
  • construction of acoustic barriers,
  • construction of bottom passageways for medium/large animals,
  • construction and reconstruction of the existing technical infrastructure,
  • construction of traffic signing and marking as well as preparation of the traffic management system.


10 53.09031320845447,22.018661936523472 roadmap

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