Expressway S11 - Szczecinek Bypass - OPEN TO TRAFFIC

Expressway S11 - Szczecinek Bypass - OPEN TO TRAFFIC

Another 11.98 km which is an important element of S11 road which joins Pomerania region with the south of Poland and relieve traffic congestion in the city.

We have performed the complete scope of design work. The complete investment covers: dozens of kilometres of expressways, access roads and reconstruction of the existing intersecting roads, "Szczecinek Śródmieście" and "Szczecinek Wschód” freeway interchanges, 4 turbo roundabouts, 13 bridges and 11 bottomless box culvert.

TThis road construction is an opportunity to beat new records. After this road is put into operation, the number of expressways in Poland will have broken another limit and be 4005 km according to GDDKiA -> "Oddajemy do ruchu obwodnicę Szczecinka na S11"

The section of expressway S11 is an element of the trans-European transport network. It is located in a corridor included in the comprehensive TEN-T network and acts as an instrument for coordination and to ensure cohesion and complementarity of infrastructural investments in EU.